Baby wrap

Five benefits of baby slings

Babywearing, aka using a sling, has a whole host of benefits. Oscha Slings, the first jacquard woven sling company in the UK have collected their top five:


Newborn wrap

Being close has many health benefits

1)      Improved bonding and attachment

Keeping your baby physically close to you, through the use of a woven wrap, is well known to improve bonding and attachment through the release of ‘happy hormone’ oxytocin. This has been known to reduce feelings of anxiety and post-natal depression.

2)      Enhanced development

Babies and toddlers in slings can observe the world around them, absorbing colours, movements, sounds and facial expressions, all while feeling secure and comforted, close to their loved one. Babies who have more interaction are proven to have a more stimulated brain, leading to enhanced development.

3)      Accelerated brain maturation

There is enormous value in the power of ‘positive touch’ on little ones’ developing brains, according to new research. The more babies experience, the more their brains develop.

4)      Reduced crying


Crying can be reduced by being close

Carrying your little one in a sling means they can hear your heartbeat which mimics the sounds of being in the womb and is a proven comfort. Babies who are carried for only one or two hours a day cry 43% less overall, and 54% less in the evening hours acording to research.

5)      Lowered instances of colic and reflux

With babies’ stomach underdeveloped, acid often rises up so the upright position from a sling helps reduce symptoms of colic and reflux.



With collections which take inspiration from the natural world, Oscha Slings are high quality and ethical.