Potty training

Five ways to tackle potty training

1) Wait

It’s tempting to start early but if your toddler is not on board then your attempt will be doomed to failure. Once they can tell you when their nappy is wet and show an interest then you’re one step ahead.


2) Do your homework

Potty training

CBeebies My First series is a great introduction to Potty Training

Have lots of chats about how big boys and girls use the loo and not nappies. CBeebies has a great potty training episode in their My First Series and Pirate Pete book is fab too.


3) Prepare

You don’t need many props. A potty, obviously, although a toddler sized child seat saves a whole lot of cleaning up. The Potette Plus travel potty is great because not only is it a seat but it folds out to become a portable potty – with liners – for when you’re out and about. And boys love character urinals – the duck is a big hit. Get them to choose their own pants so they feel involved.


4) Stay in

As hard as it is, for the first three days we stayed at home so there were no distractions. On day one we went every 15 minutes, then 30 minutes then an hour, then waited for the toddler to ask.


5) Expect accidents

It’s ok to fail. It’s how they learn. Arm yourself with dettox, wipes and a smile. And prepare for the potty training regression  – around three months after you think they’ve cracked it! Like everything it’s just a phase and they will get there.