Five ways to help your toddler with a new sibling

1) Bribery

Buy your toddler a gift from the new baby. Yes, it’s bribery but it really works. The toddler feels the baby is a good thing and you get something to entertain them. It’s win/win. Mine did ask, ‘Was the spiderman duvet in your tummy with the baby too, Mummy?’


2) Have your arms free

When the toddler meets the baby for the first time try to have the newest addition in their crib. That way your arms are free to give the toddler a hug. They will remember it.


3) Choose them

If you’ve got two little people screaming for you it’s hard to know what to do. The best piece of advice I was given was choose the toddler. It will be hard to keep the baby waiting a few minutes but the thinking behind it is that the toddler will remember if they are second best, but the baby won’t.


4) Get them involved

When the baby needs a nappy, a cuddle or a entertaining, give the toddler a role. It will make them feel important. Mine sings Baa Baa Black Sheep whenever  the baby cries – he thinks it helps.


5) Indulge them

The toddler’s whole world has shifted so if they  regress in some way (speech, toilet training etc) or just need an extra cuddle then indulge them. They may seem massive compared to your tiny newborn but they will always be your baby.