Couch to 5k

Five ways to boost your fitness after becoming a mum

Maternity leave isn’t all about coffee and cake (and more cake). When I realised I was heavier nine months post birth than after one, I needed to take action. So I tried:

1) Mum and baby pilates

Being able to include your baby in your routine is a big bonus and so is being able to stand up straight for the first time in months. For a class that mainly involves stretching, it’s surprisingly tough and certainly raises a sweat. Bending towards my little one gave me the incentive I needed to keep going.Not only was my core stronger, it helped my posture too.


2) Couch to 5k

Running to the nearest lamp post was a challenge even before I had a baby but desperate to get fit I roped in a fellow mum friend, launched the NHS app and off we went. Week one we walked for one minute and ran for one. It was the longest minute of my life. But, true to its promise within nine weeks we really could run 5k without stopping.


3) Mumhood fitness class

Just nine weeks post c-section I was invited to Frame’s Mumhood exercise class in King’s Cross. As my baby lay resting I was working my arms, legs and abs. I’m not going to deny it was tough but with two levels depending on how soon after birth you’re exercising, I was able to keep up (just).


4) Buggy fit

Pushing your baby is a work out at the best of times so an exercise class where you can walk and run while your little one is in a pushchair is a huge bonus.  Buggy Fit classes are run as a franchise so they are available nationwide


5) Home work

If you can’t face exercising with other people then there’s plenty you can do with your baby from the comfort of your home. Like strapping your baby in their sling, feet just past your shoulders, toes turned out slightly. Inhale and lower your body down to sit in an imaginary chair, weight over heels, navel pulled in, tailbone pointed to floor. Exhale and return to start. Aim for three sets of 12. And there are nine more to try.