Five ways to become a more confident parent

While we’d like to think parenting skills come naturally, in fact it takes us six whole months to feel confident as a parent, according to new research from Nurofen for Children. So, forget first teeth or steps, here are the parenting milestones you should celebrate…

1) First time you change an exploda-poo without getting any on you

Baby vest

The envelope neck is designed to go over your baby’s head or body – Mothercare, £12

You see those envelope necklines on baby vests? They’re not just a fashion choice for style-conscious newborns. They’re designed so they can slide over the shoulders and down the body. No more poo in your baby’s hair or all over you.

Time it took me to discover this: three months (and 26 poo-splosions)

2) First time you transfer your baby to their cot and they stay asleep

Asleep in cot

You can get your baby to sleep in their cot

After hearing your heartbeat for the last nine-and-a-bit months in the womb it’s become a soothing soundtrack and often the only way your baby will sleep is on your chest listening to it beat.

But, by gently warming the cot with a hot water bottle, using sheets I’d already slept on so they had my scent and, with a lot of rhythmic bottom patting, my little one was soon asleep in his own bed.

Time it took me to discover this: four months and two weeks

3) First time you’re not fazed by teething pain


There are tricks to minimise teething pain

It’s a cruel twist of fate that babies don’t come readily equipped with teeth. But there is a trick you can try to minimise their pain. Nurofen for Children contains ibruprofen it’s an anti-inflammatory, which is ideal for helping to treat swollen gums. The new formula is designed to last for up to eight hours. But, if that’s not enough, you can use it every four hours, just like Calpol. But, did you know you can alternate between the two?  So, if you time it right, your little one will only be without pain relief two hours at a time. Watch out not to exceed the recommended doses, though.

Time it took me to discover this: seven months

4) First time you realise ‘props’ aren’t a bad thing


Sleep ‘props’ like dummies aren’t necessarily a bad thing

Your midwife will tell you to avoid dummies, or comfort toys or even rocking to sleep. ‘They’ll become a crutch,’ they’ll tell you. Yes they might. But your little one is making their way in a strange new world and I’m all for anything that makes that a little easier.  How many 30-year-olds do you know who still carry their favourite bunny everywhere?

Time it took me to discover this: one month


5) First time you realise there is no ‘right’ way


Find your own parenting path

Asking friends and family for advice, talking to your midwife and reading every baby book ever… with all that experience how could you go wrong?  But my little boy obviously hadn’t done the same homework as me. He certainly hadn’t read the chapter on sleep.

Realising I could, after doing my research, pick and choose from the advice was a revelation. I found myself listening to my gut instinct and so far it seems to be working. (But ask me again when we hit the terrible teens!)

Time it took me to discover this: Two months


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