Five ways to beat colds


Winter is a bad time for colds but, with a brand new immune system, your little one will be at risk all year. Here’s how to beat the germs…


1) Olbas oil

Olbas oil

From three months, you can try Olbas Oil

You can’t use Vicks vapo rub until your little one is at least two years old. Olbas Oil – £4.15 for 15ml is the next best thing. A few drops on a cotton wool pad acts as a decongestant and the best thing is that it is suitable from three months.


2) Tip the cot up

Gravity is a wonderful way of helping to keep your little one’s airways clear. You don’t want to introduce anything into the cot that could be a risk of SIDs so your best bet is to tilt the cot. If you don’t have a fancy adjustable cot then books do the same job. Just don’t tilt it too high.


3) Onion


Breathe easier with an onion

It’s a natural remedy but many mums and dads swear by it. Halve an onion and place it near your baby’s head when she goes to sleep. The evaporating onion juices is supposed to keep the airways free for better breathing during the night. To my surprise, it worked.


4) Snot sucker

Snot sucker

A snot sucker aka nasal aspirator will help your little one to breathe


Your little one can’t yet blow their nose so if you want to help them you might want to help ‘manually’ remove it. Dubbed a snot sucker, a nasal aspirator, £8,99, will use air to extract the mucas without harming your little one’s delicate nasal passages. But, it’s as every bit disgusting as it sounds.


5) Saline


You can use saline from three months

Saline solution (aka salt water) is a very gentle way to keep your little one’s nose clear. You can safely rinse several times throughout the day (and night). From three months you can use Saline Nasal spray – sold in uni doses, it’s more hygienic than reusing the same bottle.