Five ways to be more musical

Music is magic. Studies show it increases creativity and boost brain function. It’s also relaxing and soothing. Here’s how you can get more music into your little one’s life


1) Jo Jingles

Jo Jingles Night Garden

Two toddler favourites – Jo JIngles and In the Night Garden are teaming up

Exciting TV news! Jo Jingles music classes starring red-t-shirt-clad puppet Jo – has teamed up with (most)  toddlers’ favourite TV show In the Night Garden, from September 2015. Now, as well as singing and clapping along to classics like Five little speckled frogs and Jelly on a plate, classes. will include songs with Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka.

The joint nationwide campaign aims to promote the benefits of regular exposure to music and movement from an early age. And there are exclusive themed posters, stickers, certificates and a take-away activity book produced by iChild.


2) Raving

Baby Rave

Big Fish Little Fish host raves suitable for tiny tots

If you love raving then let your children share your passion. Big Fish Little Fish lets mums and dads enjoy old-school dancefloor euphoria with their kids – and still be home by bedtime. There are bubbles, confetti and glitterballs. A great way to introuduce your little one to 90s tunes.There’s even a baby chillout area with mats and a ball pool for those too little to dance, plus a crafts area. The highlight is the parachute finale. Tickets are around £8 for adults and £5 for kids (pre walkers are free). Prices vary depending on the venue.

Tip: Buy your glowsticks from the pound shop before you go.


3) Bach to Baby

Bach to baby

Enjoy classical concerts with your little one

If your prefer classical music then Bach to Baby’s concerts are a great way to introduce your little one. It was set up by mum and pianist  Miaomiao Yu after becoming frustrated at not being able to take her children to the concerts she used to enjoy. From Bach to Barber, from Chopin to Shostakovich there’s no dumbing down here. Currently only in the South East, more venues are being added all of the time. Tickets are £12 for adults and children are FREE!


4) Rhyme Time

Book at bedtime

Library rhyme and story time will keep you and your baby entertained

Loudly singing in your local library would usually get you kicked out, but not at Rhyme Time. Held nationwide these 45 minute to an hour sessions involves nursery rhymes (Time to zoom to the moon and get those wheels on the bus going round and round) and sometimes a story. What’s more most are free.

Many are organised by the Bookstart charity. Or find your local library and get in touch.


5) Monkey Music

Monkey Music

10,000 children enjoy Monkey Music

It’s never too early to start music class. Even before they’re born, your little one can pick up sounds – the ear is the first sense to develop at five weeks. And slowly your little one will learn to distinguish sounds.  But Monkey Music classes aren’t just about producing mini Mozarts. Music also helps them to develop other skills, like taking turns and sitting still while others perform. Set up by mum and musician Angie Coates, back in 1993, now around 10,000 families attend classes in over 300 venues every week.

Because it’s such a big company you become a member of the Little Monkey club, which gives you discounts on books and brands including Tomy.