Five sporting classes for your child

From as young as six months you can encourage your little one to enjoy sport. (Although they’ll have to wait until they’re two to learn rugby.) Whether it’s ballet or football there’s a lot for your son or daughter to try…


1) Rugby

Rugby Tots

Your little one can start their rugby training aged two

Your little one may be too young to score a try but that doesn’t meant they are too young to start Rugby classes. Rugby Tots is the UK’s first rugby specific play programme for two to seven-year-olds, with classes nationwide.

Don’t worry, they won’t learn how to tackle in week one. It’s more about developing social skills like turn taking. But they’ll soon be running with the ball, finding space, kicking and catching.

At two, they use foam balls for safety, and there’s plenty of parental involvement.


2) Ballet


Start ballet classes from six-months

Your six-month-old might not have mastered their first steps but that won’t stop them learning ballet. Yes, that’s right – six months!

At Baby Ballet, with the help of teddy bears Twinkle & Teddy, the trained dance teachers will help boost your baby’s confidence and social skills, learning manners, discipline and respect. And as they learn to stand, walk and dance they’ll soon learn to develop their basic ballet technique, balance, posture and rhythm. There are more than 70 classes nationwide to choose from.


3) Football


Start your ‘Little Kicker’ on the pitch at 18-months

Got a budding David Beckham on your hands or a tiny John Terry? Little Kickers puts your little one’s kicking feet to good use.

The emphasis isn’t on pushing your child, but on developing skills like learning colours and numbers, following instructions and playing as a team.

Suitable from 18 months to seven years, there are now 210 franchises in 16 countries


4) Gymanstics

Tumble Tots

Head down to the gym with Tumble Tots

Once your little one begins to move they’ll love nothing more than scaling the stairs or jumping (aka falling) off the sofa. Put their gymnastics to good use at Tumble Tots.

The classes start from six-months to walking – also known as Gymbabes. They then graduate to Tumble Tots, until they start school. Finally there’s Gymbobs, until they turn seven. The classes promote agility, balance, co-ordination and climbing using the brightly coloured Tumble Tots equipment. Voted Best Activity Programme in the Tommy’s awards.

Members also get exclusive discounts on food, drink and days out.


5) Swimming


Make a splash with swimming lessons for every budget

There’s no minimum age and newborns are often natural water babies (nine months in amniotic fluid will do that!). All that kicking is great exercise and will wear your little one out – as well as help develop their muscles, co-ordination and control.

Branded clubs like Waterbabies are popular. You could try council run centres offer swimming lessons at a fraction of the price.

For top tips including which nappies to buy and how many towels you’ll really need see our swimming guide.