Pull ups

Five potty training types

Not all toddlers are the same when it comes to potty training. Huggies Pull Ups have identified five types – which one is yours?


1) The inspector


Has to visit the toddler of each establishment you enter, as soon as you arrive. During the course of your visit they need to visit again to check they’re not only still there but to a suitable standard.


2) The hold it

These toddlers seem to have strong bladders. They hold it all day and will only need to go when it’s physically impossible to get to one – the motorway for example


3) The Goldilocks

They either use the toilet or the potty, but never both. They may have a favourite potty and will only use that one. They refuse a toilet seat because it’s the wrong colour, shape or size. The potty is too big , too small, too hot or too cold.


4) Place bets

Bribery works well. They’re happy to use the potty or toilet provided they have a reward at the end of it. Take the reward away and they refuse.


5) Hit and miss

These toddlers get potty training really quickly and then, for an unknown reason decide they can no longer be bothered and go back to accidents It becomes hit or miss as to whether they’ll be dry or not.


Go to www.pottytraining.co.uk for hints and tips