Personalised name train

Five of the best personalised gifts

For a special gift get one that is unique to your little one

1) A name adventure

Lost my name book

Turn your child’s name into an adventure

You might remember the Lost My Name book  from Dragon’s Den – they nabbed a £100,000 investment from Piers Linney for just 4% – the highest-ever investment in terms of valuation.

A lost boy or girl finds their way back by going on a journey that includes every letter of their name.  So John might meet a Jester, an Ostrich a Hippo and a Narwhal (a sea unicorn, apparently. And now they’ve sold over 650,000 books sold.

Prices vary depending on where you are ordering and the name but John’s book would cost £19.99.


2) A special jigsaw


Get a 20 piece puzzle with your little one’s face on it

You can turn your photos of your children’s face into a toy. All the photo companies do jigsaws made from your pictures but usually they’re over 100 pieces or so – too much for little people. Your Jigsaw do a 20 piece puzzle for £11.95 – a fun and personal present and – even better – they do a 15 piece magnetic puzzle for £5.95 – great fun if you attach it to the fridge.


3) Name train

Personalised name train

Pay by the letter for this name train

Not on the High Street does a personalised name train.  Compatible with the Brio train and track, you get the front and back carriage for £4.95 then add the letters for around £2 each. For names longer than six letters you’ll have to pay for extra track – £2 for each two additional letters.


4) A lookalike doll

Lookalike doll

Lookalike doll but only available for girls


At My Lookalike Doll you can choose from 130 combinations of eye colour, hair colour, hairstyle and skin tone for £65, but unfortunately you can only choose a girl model and not a boy one.

Set up my mum and son Tracey and Keiran Cannon, they were rejected by Dragons Den but went on to receive six figure orders from Hamleys. They now sell wardrobes for the 18in dolls too.

If your son wants a lookalike he’ll be limited to Etsy where you can choose between a paper doll for £18.82 and choose up to 10 outfits. Send a photo and illustrator Sandy Ford will capture your toddler boy’s likeness.

Boy Paper doll

Illustrator Sandy will capture your little boy’s likeness

Or for a fabric option makes 18in rag dolls Vivian Dolls makes rag dolls to order from your photos for £30.25


Boy doll

Get your little one turned into a rag doll


5) Peppa Pig book

Peppa Pig book

Let your little one join Peppa’s world

Penwizard does a great line in personalised books. Peppa Pig’s My Daddy lets you not only include your child’s name but you can edit their hair and eye colour and skin tone to immortalise them in Peppa’s world. At £14.99 it’s on the pricey side, but you do get a hardback, glossy book that your child will want to read again and again (mostly because it features them!)