World's Best Father

FIve of the best dad blogs

These dads have gained thousands of followers by sharing their experiences of parenthood – good, bad and funny.


1) The dad of twins

4am Blog

Double trouble with dad-of-twins Sam

Comedian Sam Avery’s blog – the 4am feed – about caring for his baby twins is hitting the headlines after some spot on observations. They include ‘The wheels on the bus is a terrible song’ and ‘The ‘Calpol Spritzer’ that the wife joked about sounds pretty tempting.


2) The dad-of-five

Things I've said to my children

We don’t pour milk in our shoes – and the other crazy sayings from a busy dad

Nathan Ripperger, dad-of-five, has plenty of material for his Flickr site . He started noting down the absurd – and very specific instructions – he gave his kids, combining them with illustrations. ‘Don’t lick the toaster,’ and ‘DId you put syrup on the dog?’ 80 of the illustrations are now in a new book.


3) The dad who’s child is sad

Reasons my kid is crying

They may just surprise you

Toddlers are irrational creatures – and it’s worked well for dad- of-two Greg Pembroke. His tumblr site – Reasons my kid is crying – now has 56k likes and no wonder with such gems as – ‘He’s crying because I wouldn’t let him play with a dead squirrel,’ ‘He’s crying because I discovered that his soup was homemade,’ and ‘He’s crying because he doesn’t want the banana he wasn’t offered.’


4) The dads who have a lot to learn

How to be a dad

Instructional diagrams and plenty of humour


Authors of How to be a dad are Charlie Capan and Andy Herald – two self confessed sleep-deprived friends with ‘nothing left to lose but their sanity as they learn to be dads and try to look smart doing so’.

Their post comparing babies to gremlins is spot on. ‘They start off cute… But looks can be deceiving. Feeding them after midnight… Or angering them… …can have scary consequences.’

5) The dad with a camera

World's Best Father

Funny photos have made dad Dave and daughter Alice stars

Dave Engledow took a photo in which he’s cradling eight-week-old Alice Bee like a football and doctored it to look like he’s squirting breast milk into a ‘World’s Best Father’ mug. It was the start of his World’s Best Father tumblr account and that mug appeared in dozens more of his photoshopped photos… bathtime in the washing machine, baby lifting dad in the air – that mug is in every shot.