Five new kids TV shows

2015 saw the introduction of some fab new children’s television shows. Here are five that shouldn’t be missed…


1) Messy goes to Okido

Messy goes to Okido

Messy monster has a lot to learn

Messy is a furry monster (voiced by Adam Buxton) who lives under a bed. He goes on adventures with his friends Zoe and Felix and learns the answer to questions like Why do things fall down and not up? Where do echoes come from? Your little one will learn without even trying.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch party of Messy Goes to Okido. We got to make Messy masks and play in the messy arcade. It was a celebration of years of hard work as children’s art and science magazine Okido finally hit the small screen on CBeebies.


2) Twirlywoos


The Twirlywoos are exploring a big world

From the creators of In the Night Garden and Teletubbies, Twirlywoos follows the adventures of four bird like creatures on CBeebies. There’s blue Great BigHoo, the cautious one, red Toodloo, the flamboyant one, and Chickedy, with a pink crest, and Chick, with a blue crest, who are inseparable friends and smaller than the others. They leave their home on the Big Red Boat to learn about the world… they have lots in common with their audience.


3) Puffin Rock

Puffin Rock

Pip and Baba live on a beautiful Irish island

In Puffin Rock, Pip, an adventure-loving young puffin, and the hero of the show, explores her island with her little brother Baba. They make friends and hunt for food. Narrated by Chris O’Dowd it’s set on a beautiful Irish island and is one of Nick Junior’s first commissions for years.


4) Dinotrux


Dinotrux is a Netflix exclusive

A Netflix exclusive, Dinotrux features creatures who are part dinosaur and part mechanical construction vehicle – combining most toddlers’ interests. There’s Ty Rux – part tyrannesaurus Rex, part truck and Garby a Stegarbasaurus


5) Hey Duggee

Hey Duggee!

Duggee Hug!

In Hey Duggee, the preschool members of the squirrel club learn important life lessons from Duggee. And are rewarded with a badge for their efforts. Simple animation and bright colours, it’s surprisingly addictive.

Look out for the children being picked up by their parents at the end of each episode. Happy the crocodile meets an elephant – a positive message about adoption, in a 7 minute story.