Five fun autumn crafts

The falling leaves and conkers mean a whole host of raw material, perfect for crafts with your little one


1) Not-so prickly hedgehogs



Leaves and a template make these cute autumn creatures

Leaves make perfect prickles for hedgehogs. Go for a nature walk and find the pointest leaves you can. Then print a hedgehog template and get sticking.


2) Conkers


Dip conkers in paint and glitter

Collecting the treasure is most of the fun. But you can get your little one to dip them in paint then you can use a marker pen to draw a face on or just get your little one to sprinkle glitter liberally.


3) Tree print


Use conkers to paint with

If you want leaves without going outdoors, use  a cork as a stamp. You’ll need to draw a tree trunk then get your little one to dip the cork in paint and stamp away.


4) No cut pumpkin


All the fun of pumpkins – without the danger of knives


Knives and little ones don’t go well together. If you’re looking for a way to get maximum impact without spending hours cutting into a pumpkin get a sheet of black stickers and cut shapes – bats, moons, broomsticks work well – and get your little one to stick away.


5) Autumn wreath


Autumn leaves make a fun wreath

Debris from your autumn walks makes perfect material to stick onto a card circle to make a wreath.