Duktig Play kitchen

Five best toys for two-year-olds

At two, your little one is starting to play with other children rather than ‘parallel play’. They want to use their imagination and enjoy role playing.


1) Play Doh

Play Doh

Tactile and fun to shape

Encourage your little one to squeeze, squash and shape the dough. Not only is it fun, it helps build up the muscles they need to help the hold a pen and learn to write. Play Doh (24 pots for £12.99), keeps for ages and the variety of colours means they can make some interesting creations. If you’re feeling creative you can make your own dough.


2) Toot toot track

Toot Toot

Toot Toot track is easy to build and to expand

The brightly coloured Toot Toot track (from £12.99) slots together so easily, even your little one can help build it. The train is on a motor so powers itself round, stopping for level crossings and to load cargo, where your little one can get involved. It slots together with other Toot Toot items (including the car track) so you


3) Play Kitchen

Duktig Play kitchen

Stretch your little one’s imagination with a play kitchen

A play kitchen is a great way to get your little one to role play. They’ll love ‘helping’ to cook. If you can get play food and a chef’s hat, even better. Ikea do a great model, Duktig for £65 with a hob and microwave, but look out for the Aldi event where they sell a wooden one for just £29.999


4) Puzzle

Peppa puzzle

Get four puzzles in one with Peppa

The look of concentration on your little one’s face as they try, and succeed, at making the pieces of the puzzle go back together, is fantastic to see. If they love Peppa then this wooden design will hold their attention. There are four puzzles in one – with 4, 6, 9 and 16 pieces so it will grow with your little one.


5) Happyland


Chunky figures are ideal for little hands

These chunky plastic play sets are perfect for little hands. Ideal for imaginative play, your little one can build  a whole Happyland village with sets including everything from a fire station, vets, tree house and castle – and many, many more.  Figures start at £2 each and the play sets are from £8. One village set with a toyshop, petshop, slide and phone box is £41.99. It sounds expensive but they hold their value – there’s a huge second-hand market online.